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Make a Custom Figure with Real LEGO® Pieces!

Build Your Own Custom Jerry Garcia Style Minifigure

Since the recent release of our "Ben and Jerry" LEGO® inspired vignette, shown above, we have been getting so many requests as to where we got the Jerry Garcia figure that's featured in the scene.

If you're a toy photographer or if you simply enjoy collecting, building or playing with the LEGO® brand toys, then chances are that at one time or another, inspiration has struck for a great minifigure character, that may not exist, but that you would love to have in your collection.  When that creative lighting strikes, it's time to take things into your own hands and turn your idea into a reality.  Many times, it is easier than you might think!  With sites like eBay, it is possible to get your hands on almost any individual LEGO® piece that you may need to create your own custom minifigure.

With the inception of the "Ben and Jerry" scene, we set out to create our very own custom Jerry Garcia!  All that was necessary was to think about what distinguishing features this iconic persona had that makes him instantly recognizable.  With Jerry, it's the hair and beard... glasses... and hippie like look.  A guitar in hand helps too!

We've dissected the Jerry Garcia custom minifigure above, so that you can see exactly how he came to be.  The hair was taken from the classic LEGO® Caveman minifigure and placed on the head of the Henry Jones, Sr. character from a LEGO® Raiders of the Lost Ark™ set.  Combine these with the torso from the Hippie and legs from the Rapper and voila...  It's Jerry!

We wanted blue arms for our character and since the Hippie torso has green arms, we simply replaced them with arms from the LEGO® Superman™ minifigure, but these could have come from any number of minifigures.
The guitar was purchased separately on eBay to finish the look.
The existing LEGO® catalog of minifigures has grown and evolved over the years to include a huge catalog of personalities and looks.  By taking small parts from various existing minifigures, it is almost always possible to mix and match them, so that they resemble the character that you are wanting to create.

Take a look at our recent Bob Ross inspired vignette for another example of how this has been achieved.

We hope that you've enjoyed our discussion and that maybe it has provided a bit of inspiration to put together your very own custom minifigure.  It can be a lot of fun to see an original idea come to life!

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